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Print Reviews of "Here Comes the Big Mean Dust Bunny!"

Publishers Weekly:

In this follow-up to Rhyming Dust Bunnies, the effervescent dust bunnies interact with the aptly named title character, who's gray, sharp-toothed, and very grumpy. When they invite him to rhyme a word with “fit,” he volunteers “sit” and flattens them. Next, the meanie takes a turn, demanding, “What rhymes with face?” (the apprehensive bunnies learn he has “chase” in mind). All is finally set right with a hug, and readers should find the dust bunnies as magnetic as ever. Ages 3–5. (Nov.) Review.

Big, Mean Dust Bunny

Children's Literature:

The zany, rhyming, multicolored dust bunnies return to encounter a new, gray, "big, mean dust bunny." He is not interested in playing their rhyming game. As in their previous appearance, Ed asks for a rhyme, this time for "fit." Ned and Ted respond, "lit" and "kit," but Bob mutters "cat," as the big, gray bunny shouts, "SIT!" and squashes them by sitting on them. He in turn asks for a rhyme for "face" ending in making them run with "CHASE!" Bob meanwhile has answered and now shouts, "Cat!" And there is the cat, "SPLAT!" making the gray dust bunny flat. With more rhymes, however, the other four manage to rescue him, turning the fierce growler into a hugger with a smile. These are heavily black outlined cartoon creatures of the digital world. Their "adventures" are pure fun, but should stimulate young readers/listeners to play their own rhyming game. The words produced are BIG; the questions in black and rhyming words in red, all in fat black speech balloons for visual fun as well. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz


Junior Library Guild Selection


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