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Print Reviews of "What Will Fat Cat Sit On?"

Kirkus Review:

"In this comic debut, Thomas has created a cat that puts Garfield to shame. With just a few, oversized words per page, the drama is clear: Where will this gargantuan cat sit? On the cow? The cow looks terrified, and he should be. The cat's head dwarfs the cow's, so it's no wonder the cow raises his hooves in a joyous "Yee-haw!" when he realizes he has been spared. The fun of the story is the interaction between the characters on the page and with the readers themselves. Lapsitters will yell out a warning and cluck and moo along with the threatened farm animals. These animals are all eyes and teeth, fearful in terror or laughing in relief. Familiar animals, repetitive text and heavily outlined page-filling graphic illustrations add up to a lot of laughs. This is a book that toddlers and new readers will reach for again and again. Shelve this near Mo Willems' Pigeon books."

fat cat

Publishers Weekly (starred review):

Thomas, in a rollicking and highly promising debut, makes this book a laugh-out-loud pas de deux between Dick-and-Jane-get-stylish typography (which goes by the evocative names of Eatwell Chubby and Chaloops) and the supremely silly visual evocation of high anxiety." Full review (9/13/07)

New York Times:

“Fat Cat’s sheepish grin is the running punch line in this cheerful, boldly designed picture book... Fun to read aloud, it would also make an effective early reader for preschoolers.”  
Full review (9/16/07)


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