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Print Reviews of "Rhyming Dust Bunnies"

Kirkus Review:

"This dynamic quartet of dust bunnies, Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob, have quite the flair for rhyming words-except for anxious Bob, who is wisely more concerned about their perilous surroundings.... Thomas's digital illustrations, stark against her solid, colorful backgrounds, successfully accentuate the witty text. The shaggy dust bunnies are boldly contrasted, as their colors-green, purple, red and blue-extend past the thick lines into the ever-so-slightly-less-red background. With their wide noses, long ears, four-fingered paws and buck teeth, these fuzzy characters are a riot. Put away your cleaning supplies for a little messy fun." Full review (11/15/08)

Rhyming Dustbunnies

Publishers Weekly:

"We rhyme all the time!" declares one of four googly-eyed dust bunnies, ebullient in their palette of bright solid colors and Smurf-like bodies....The silly, eager-to-please dust bunnies occupy most of the space on the square pages; the silliness, the scale and large dialogue balloons combine for a party-hearty mood... Full review (12/1/08)

Kid's Home Library, Keep Kids Busy with Friendly Animal Stories:

"Sure, dust bunnies might not be real animals, but they sure are personable and funny in this brief tale. The four furry dust bunnies play a rhyming game, but "black sheep" Bob never quite gets it right, with hilarity... A humorous introduction to comedy for toddlers and preschoolers, "Rhyming Dust Bunnie" is a hoot." Full review (12/23/08)


A Junior Library Guild Premier Selection

Buckeye Book Award Winner

Kirkus Review Best Book of 2009

Bank Street Best Book of the Year

A Baker’s Dozen:  The best Children’s Books for Family Literacy

Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master list

The Monarch Award Nominee

North Carolina Children’s Book Award Nominee

Virginia Readers’ Choice Title

Buckaroo Book Award Nomination

Missouri Building Block Picture Book Awards Nominee

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee

Cybil Award Nominee


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